Airport Health Organisation (APHO), Ahmedabad is a unit of International Health Division under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. APHO Ahmedabad is a designated point of entry (POE) to ensure implementation of International Health Regulation 2005 which includes coordination of activities and containment of Public Health Emergencies of International Concerns (PHEICs). APHO Ahmedabad is the nodal organization to coordinate the PHEIC activities at SVP International Airport Ahmedabad.

In Dec 2008, IH division MOHFW, designated Senior Regional Director, ROHFW,Ahmedabad as a nodal officer to establish APHO Ahmedabad at International Airport.

In 2018, Airport Director, SVP Int Airport provided 180 sqft space at preimmigration area of International airport Ahmedabad for APHO Ahmedabad.

Location: It is located Latitude23° 04' 16.28'' NLongitude072° 37' 35.15" E, in Ahmedabad .Gujarat,State.

Currently the airport handles on around 72000 international passengers at arrival per month. For handling such volume of passengers various regulatory and facilitating agencies are functioning at the airport including APHO, many of whom work round the clock basis. Adani Ahmedabad Airport Int. Limited provides various services for passenger facilitation and smooth aircraft operation.

  1. Health screening of International Passengers on arrival in response to PHEIC in co-ordination with immigration officials of India and State Government of Gujarat.
  2. Screening of International passenger (verification of vaccination certificates) for international notified diseases at point of entries.
  3. Quarantine/isolation of the suspected cases at dedicated ward at BJ Medical College in emergencies.
  4. Health education & awareness about the diseases related to PHEIC, Display of Advisory, IEC activities, Do’s and Don’ts and FAQ’s is undertaken.
  5. Capacity building about IHR through training for Paramedical staff, airport staff.
  6. To carry out Vector Surveillance (Pre Monsoon, Monsoon & Post Monsoon) in airport premises in coordination with the NVBDCP/NCDC/ROH&FW staff.
  7. Inter sectoral coordination with Chief Airport Officer Ahmedabad, SVP International Airport , State Health department, Gujarat ,MOH- Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and other stakeholders for smoothly functioning of APHO in emergencies.
  8. Dead body clearance of bodies brought from abroad.
  9. To maintain food hygiene in and around the Airport premises.
  10. To take any specific measures as notified by DDG (IH), DGHS, GOI.
  11. To issue food licensing certificate to the FBO’s located at domestic & International airport, Ahmedabad.
  12. Dissemination of information shared by MOHFW, Govt. of India to all stakeholders involved in the implementation of IHR at APHO, Ahmedabad.
Officer Incharge
Dr. Chandana Dey

Address of Administrative Office:

Regional office For Health & Family Welfare 1st Floor, Neptune Tower, Opp. Nehru bridge, Ashram road, Ahemdabad-380009 Ph NO: 079-22740714 Fax: 079-22742447 Email Id: rhfw_62ahd[at]rediffmail[dot]com

Address of MI Room:

Pre-Immigration Area, Terminal 2- Arrival, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (SVPIA), Ahemdabad,380003.

Address of Chief Airport officer, SVP International Airport AAI, Ahmedabad:

The Chief Airport Officer, Adani Ahmedabad International Airport Ltd, Hansol, Ahmedabad-380 003 (Gujarat) Telephone: 079- 25554700 email: rhfw_62ahd[at]rediffmail[dot]com

Address for Yellow fever Vaccination centre: (under Ahmedabad Municipal corporation)

Saradar Patel Bhawan, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation , Danapith, Gol Limda, Ahmedabad-380001. Phone: 079-25391811