Port Health Organization, Visakhapatnam, came to existence in the year 1946.

The ports under the jurisdiction of PHO Visakhapatnam for implementation of I.P.H.R. and I.H.R. include: -
  1. Visakhapatnam Sea Port – consisting of outer harbor, inner harbor, oil berths, fertilizer berth, LPG terminal and Offshore Tanker Terminal (OSTT)
  2. Gangavaram port – A privately functioning port around 20 kms south, which is a deep water port.
  3. Minor Ports – Kakinada port, around 150 kms south, under the administrative control of the State Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.

Routine functions
  1. Related to clearance of Vessels
    1. Clearance of Vessels: - Issuance of Radio & Free Pratique, Health Clearance.
    2. Inspection and Issuance of Ship Sanitation Certificate to Vessels.
    3. Inspection of provision and Issuance of Provision certificate.
    4. Inspection and Issuance of Medicine chest certificate.
    5. Clearance of Dead body
  2. Inspection of water supply to ships & water barges
  3. Sanitary Inspection and Monitoring and Supervision of Sanitary, Vector & Rodent control in docks and surrounding areas
  4. Monitoring and Supervision of sanitation of facilities for port users
  5. Monitoring and Supervision of sanitation control of cargo handling areas and yards
  6. Vaccination for Yellow Fever Disease to International travelers
  7. Licensing of Catering Establishments
  8. Other activities
    1. Support in case of Local Events.
    2. Accidents, Chemical- Gas Leakage- On board, Port area.
    3. Facilitating on board/ in port first aid.
    4. Facilitating quick transfer of injured/ affected.
    5. Coordination with Port trust medical unit/ local hospitals etc.
    6. Coordination with Customs/Immigration/Security / Port Trust / Port Operators / agent etc.
    7. Clearance of Passenger ships.
    8. Deployment of additional manpower.
    9. Coordination with National / state /local agencies in case of emergency as per emergency.
During Public Health Emergency of International Concern(PHEIC)
  1. Activation of PHECP and functions as per PHECP.
  2. Training of other stakeholders regarding PHEIC /any health-related event about the event, prevention, control, use of PPE etc.
Officer Incharge
Dr. Anit Gayen
Address :
Port Health Organisation, Visakhapatnam Port Area, Visakhapatnam - 530035.

Phone/Fax :

Email :
phovizagport[at]yahoo[dot]com (for vaccination)