The Airport Health Organization (APHO), Madurai is a subordinate office of the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India to ensure implementation of International Health Regulation, 2005 and the Indian Aircraft (Public Health) Rules, 1954 at Madurai Airport.

APHO Madurai commenced its activities from 26th July 2023.

This organization works under administrative control of Airport Health Organization, Tiruchirappalli.

Organizational structure :

Head of office for APHO, Madurai is the Airport Health officer (AHO), Tiruchirappalli.

Assistant Airport Health Officer, Tiruchirappalli is the designated Nodal officer for performing technical activities.

  • Health screening (routinely and in the event of PHEIC) of International passengers and arrangements for Quarantine of international passengers (Yellow Fever Suspects) referred by immigration staff at international airports.
  • Verification, Inspection and Supervision of Disinfection, disinsection of the aircrafts and Verification of ‘General Declaration (GD)’ of Health submitted by airlines staff.
  • Supervision of sanitation, drinking water supply, anti-mosquito and anti-rodent work inside airports.
  • Public Health Clearance of Human Remains/On-board death.
  • Arrangements for the quarantine of yellow-fever suspects.
  • To assist in case of aircraft medical emergencies.
  • Inspection of food stuff, catering establishments inside the premises of airport under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act.
  • To undertake any specific measures as notified by MoHFW & DDG (IH), DGHS, GOI.
  • Health education & awareness about the diseases related to PHEIC, Display of Advisory, IEC activities, Do’s and Don’ts and FAQ’s is undertaken.
  • Training: The Immigration officers have trained periodically regarding Yellow Fever and PHEICs .
Head of office & Controlling Officer:
Dr Subin. S

Nodal officer :
Dr Boopathinathan. K
Address :
The Nodal officer, Airport Health Organization, New Terminal Building, Madurai Airport, Madurai- 625022.
Airport Health Officer, Madurai

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