The Port of Kolkata is a riverine port in the city of Kolkata. It is the oldest operating port in India, having originally been constructed by the British East India Company.

The Port has two distinct dock systems - Kolkata Docks at Kolkata and a deep water dock at Haldia Dock Complex, Haldia.

Hence, the jurisdiction of PHO Kolkata is spread over a vast area extending from the Sandheads in the Bay of Bengal to Kolkata, and include:

  1. Kolkata Dock System It is situated on the left bank of the Hooghly River about 203 km upstream from the sea. It is comprised of:-
    • Kidderpore Dock (KPD)
    • Netaji Subhash Dock (NSD)
    • Budge Budge Wharves - situated at a distance of 30 kms from Kolkata and used exclusively for the berthing of oil tankers at the River Moorings:
    • Diamond Harbour Anchorage – situated at a distance of 50 kms from Kolkata.
    • Sagar Anchorage – about 150 kms from Kolkata, where very large vessels transfer their cargo into smaller vessels.
  2. Haldia Dock Complex – at a distance of 130 kms from Kolkata. The complex consists of: Impounded Dock System, Oil Jetties in the river, Barge Jetties in the River and Haldia Anchorage for LASH vessels (PHO Kolkata has a camp office at Haldia since 1990).
  3. Paradip Port- Besides, ships coming to Paradip Port are inspected by the Officers from PHO, Kolkata for issuing SSCEC/SSC.

Activities are related to implementation of International Health Regulations-2005 & Indian port Health Rules 1955 (under revision) which are “designed to prevent the international spread of disease”.

Activities with regard to ships
  1. Granting of „free pratique‟ to Vessels arriving from foreign ports.
  2. Carrying out ROUTINE HEALTH SCREENING of international passenger/crews on arrival- only crew members in case of Kolkata ports.
  3. Isolation/quarantine of international passengers/crews with suspected communicable diseases or coming from yellow fever endemic port departing within the last 6 days without valid Yellow fever Certificate.
  4. Issuance of Ship Sanitation Certificate - Port Health Organisation, Kolkata is one of WHO approved centres for issuing Ship Sanitation Control Certificate, Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate and Extension of SSC Certificate.
  5. Issuance of Health Clearance Certificate of dead bodies brought on board from abroad, after necessary formalities.
  6. Inspection of Medicine Chest of ships & to issue Certificates thereof.
Activities within the Port premises
Surveillance and application of public health measures
  1. Mosquito and rodent control activities.
  2. General Sanitation- Joint Sanitary Inspection with Port Trust officials.
  3. To ensure supply of safe drinking water inside the Port area.
Yellow Fever Vaccination

PHO, Kolkata is one of 27 centers designated by the GOI for administration of YFV. The vaccine is given on Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday, if it is not a holiday. Prior appointment is desirable.

Issuance of central license under FSSAI ACT,2006

PHO, Kolkata is the Designated officer as per the provision of FSSAI, Act 2006 for issuing central license to all FBOs (Food Business Operator) operating in the Kolkata port premises.

Officer Incharge
Prof. (Dr.) Ranjan Das
Address :
Port Health Organisation, Marine House (Ground Floor), Hastings, Kolkata -700022

Phone/Fax :
033-22230414(O), 033-22239618 (O), 033-22230178 (O)

Email :