India, a Member State of World Health Organisation has adopted the International Health Regulations 2005 with some “Reservations”. The objective of ‘International Health Regulations’ is to ensure the maximum security against the international spread of communicable disease with a minimum interference with world traffic. The “Reservations of India” to these Regulations is towards ‘Prevention of entry of Yellow Fever into India. As per these Regulations, a Member State has to maintain as many of the Sanitary Ports and Airports as practicable with organized medical and health service with adequate staff, equipment, premises etc.

Airport Health Organisation Trivandrum was established in the year 2014. Presently, Airport Health Organisation, Trivandrum has APHO counter, Transit isolation room & Office room. It is located at Arrival area, Trivandrum International Airport, Airport Road, Chackai -695008.

The Primary objective of this organization is to prevent International Spread of Diseases from one country to another as per International Health Regulations of World Health Organization. This is achieved by Implementation of Following Acts/ Rules:-

  1. The Epidemic Disease Act.
  2. The Indian aircraft Act, 1934.
  3. IHR (2005).
  4. The Indian Aircraft (Public Health) Rules 1954. 5. Food standards and safety authority of India Act, 2006.

The basic aim and objectives of this Organization is to control and prevent international spread of PHEIC in compliance to IHR, vis-à-vis, Indian Aircraft (Public Health) rules. We have the vision of A World Safe and Secure from Infectious Diseases threats by prevention, rapid detection, transparent reporting and mitigation of outbreaks through interconnected Global network.

The major theme of response being Early warning system, creating awareness among people, training and education, information communication and extension methodology, screening at POEs, vector surveillance and Inter sectoral coordination &collaboration.

Functions and Duties of APHO, Trivandrum:
  1. Surveillance of International Passengers and Crew for Yellow fever disease.
  2. Arrange for Quarantine of passengers who have embarked from or have transited through the Yellow fever endemic countries during six days prior to arriving in India and not having appropriate vaccination card against Yellow fever, are quarantined as per the Indian Aircraft (Public Health) Rules, 1955.
  3. Public health clearance of dead body/human remains in accordance with “THE AIRCRAFT (PUBLIC HEALTH) RULES, 1954 PART 4”
  4. Vector control/ surveillance activities primarily for Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is vector for many Diseases including Yellow fever disease, are performed by APHO along with coordination from team of NCDC .
  5. Aircraft disinsection details are verified for all the incoming international aircraft by examination of the General Declaration of Health and Passenger manifest submitted by the Crew at the time of arrival to the Airport Health Organization.
  6. Conducting Periodic sanitary inspection rounds at airports.
  7. Periodic training to the Immigration officials is imparted to orient them about various steps for screening the passengers with regard to Yellow fever/PHEICs.
  8. IH related health activities for non Scheduled charted Flights.
  9. Duties related with PHEIC(Public Health Emergency of International Concern).
Activity Day / Date & Time
Transit Isolation/Quarantine room – temporary isolation of Yellow fever suspect passenger until transportation to designated facility is arranged 24 hours, all 7 days of a week
APHO counter activity-(inspection of General Declaration Of Health submitted by Airlines, Verification of Disinsection Status of Flight ,Passenger screening, Dead body clearance ,etc.) 24 hours, all 7 days of a week
Co-ordinate activities with the stake holders of Airport & state Health Authority As and when required
Training & Coordination As and when required
Yellow Fever Training As and when required
Thermal screening & COVID 19 Surveillance of International passengers 24 hours, all 7 days of a week during International Arrival
Daily reporting of Surveillance data to PH(IH) 24 hours, all 7 days of a week
Training of all stake holders & paramedical staff As and when required
Protocol Duty As and when required
Emergency As and when required
Officer Incharge
Dr. Ali Manikfan Abdullage
Address :
Airport Health Office, Trivandrum International Airport, Airport Road, Chackai, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala,Pin:695008

Head of the Organisation : Airport Health Officer and Senior Regional Director, RoHFW, Meads Lane, cantonment Thiruvananthapuram – 695034

Phone/Fax :
0471 – 2327335/9495217170

Email :